New Marketing break

A local newspaper, the Utica Observer Dispatch will check my book “A Curmudgeon’s True Tales of the Outdoors” and mention it in the Sunday Outdoor Column. I have followed John Pitarttesi, the writer for a long time and respect his views on the outdoor activities of hunting, fishing and so on. Ironically, I delivered this paper in my hometown of Brookfield, NY when I was a boy along with my brothers. He wasn’t around then since I am a bit older than he is.

We hunted, fished, trapped and played sports and my, how things have changed. We needed a warm red jacket andboots and gloves and a little knowledge of the woods and the quarry back then. Now I could not afford to participate in hunting. It seems that I need special ammo, special scents, special camo, trail cameras, feed plots and proper knowledge of baits and so on. Along with the pickup truck, quadrunner and all the other equipment it would run around $50,000 dollars to get back in the activity.

I could buy a lot of kobo beef for that!


What Is Our Future???

I am frustrated! I am not worried about my future but what about my kids and grand kids?? I have three kids, in their 40’s and 50’s. They are doing oOK except one of them is still dependent to some degree on us. I worry about her when we ,in our 70’s are gone.

And then, there are the grand children. They have worried about the future with the wars and end world talk of the preachers and other doomsayers and have become nervous wrecks, to the point of pills and drugs.  Four of our nine are in rehab. They are 20 to 26 years old and have made no mark or start yet. What is to become of them? My wife and I have done our best to support and see that they are fed, but we are near the end and I don’t know where to go from here.

Just trust in the Lord, I guess.

New Author

ImageHello, I am a new e book author. I am listed on Amazon kindle ,Barnes and Noble Nook, and Kobo to mention a few. I have also published in paperback. on Amazon’s create space.

The book is intended as a humorous report on my and others adventures and misadventures in the outdoor sporting world. It has been reviewed many times and has been called informative, funny, and cute. The reviews have been 5 star so far.

If interested in the book, go to the above mentioned sites and type in my name to check it out. There is a free sample to read!