My second book , above, has been published and is selling! My first “True Tales of the Outdoors” book did ok for a first time author, thanks to friends and social media efforts. Facebook and Twitter are good places to start when learning marketing. Hopefully, “True Tales of the Outdoors or Maybe Not” will do as well or better.No best seller yet but it is a fun experience and we can hope for a masterpiece of literature at some later time.


For all would be authors, Kindle and Create Space Self publishing is what made this possible for me. I had no idea that I could write until I reeived a Kindle Fire and became familiar with eBooks just what the possibilities were. Information on Self Publishing jumped out of the pages at me and I decided I would give it a try. The main reason was to show the truely talented writers in my family what was/is possible. My modest success has caused two daughters and a grand daughter and a grandson to put some energy into thier first efforts. My youngest daughter and her daughter have each completed books of fiction and are getting into the Create Space program as the next step. Way to go!!


Realize, I am in my eighth decade of life and should not be able to do this sort of activity because of Al Cohol, Al Ziemer  and Art Ritus complications. Fortunately I have been blessed with reasonable health and hope it continues. Grass and trees and the outdoors looks best from this side! Love to all, Neale


PS, Thanks,



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