My second book has been published and… link
After you write your first book, good or bad, you surprise friends who never thought you were capable of such a chore. When you self edit, self publish, and actually sell a few books, people start to believe that anything is possible. The next step is to write a second book, self edit it and self publish it. When you do this people start to ask what will you write net and when will it be ready. By this time you start to feel like an author, even if you didn’t follow the more difficult path of the traditional author of old. Write, try to get published, hire an agent, try to get published and get told that your particular genre is not in vogue.

I am in my second publishing and have surprised myself with the amount of interest in the process of self publishing. Several people have started writing as a result of my limited success and that was one of the reasons that I undertook this action. My daughter, a more accomplished author than I and My grand daughter as well are writing and the former has a working novel being published at this time. Have I been an inspiration , or what?!

Short and sweet today.
[author:Neale McClintock|7429260Curmudgeon’s True Tales of the Outdoors or Maybe Not: If You Can Believe It by McClintock, Neale PUB. (Nov 14, 2013)

$3.49 Kindle Purchase



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