We American’s, regardless of what the Fox talking heads and the right wing conservatives say, are hardworking, productive people. The way we fed and supplied the world during and after World War Two proves that. The free countries of the world developed and grew at an amazing speed as technology developed. The reason for this is that a great amount of property and infrastructure had been destroyed and needed repair. The people had done without the nice things as the need for war material grew., therefore they were ready to buy, buy, buy.


We became the hardest working most productive work force in the world. Unions grew and we became accustomed to a good life as home owners, the two car garage became a symbol of affluence and all was well.


And then, the leaders got greedy. Union busting became a way of lowering wages, outsourcing became the rule for achieving lower costs by finding cheap labor over seas,  and cutting the health care benefits and other fringe “labor costs” became an annual bargaining chip for union management consideration.


Money and riches flowed at a faster rate than ever to the “MAN” who had usurped the fruit of the labor of the “low class” members of society. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer and the middle clas got smaller and smaller.


As I see it the most blatant cause of this trend has been the oil companies of the world. The most egregious example of this were the Bush/Chaney years. I told my wife when they were elected to watch the gas prices rise now. They went from $2.– something to the present $3.63 per gallon today in NY State. Prices of everything have skyrocketed and employment has suffered. The only people who are happy are the well invested in the stock Market. Something smells bad in the USA!






































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