IF AND WHEN NATURE CALLS A SENIOR CITIZEN The new definition of regularity By Neale McClintock

Senior citizens know a lot of stuff. Most of them have continued to keep learning as the years go by, at least if they are smart they do. I have been on this earth almost 80% of a century and my main learning lately, is how to use technology. I am fairly competent on the computer and can do many things including photo editing and using Micro Soft Word processing. Hey I am doing it right now! I use   this to write a couple of books that are on Amazon as eBooks and paperback. Type in my name on Amazon.com if interested.

One of the main pastimesImage

for me is I watch television. Too much! I have learned much but I have found out that senior citizens need many new items to enable them to live a more fulfilling life. Item one is vitamins. Next they want us to ask our doctor about all of the new Pharmacological drugs

that may


make you sicker or kill you if they don’t help you. Third, and maybe this is a good thing, See Alice or try Viagra for a “male problem” which I won’t describe. I tried Viagra and it lodged in my throat and I ended up with a four hour stiff sore neck. 

TV has also taught us that there are adult, shall I say diapers? I guess it is OK to talk about them in this blog. I didn’t know why anyone needed them until recently and I still don’t wear them but maybe I should. I now know where every public bathroom is in a twenty mile radius and how long it takes to get there.  The other reason I should use them soon is, in seniors, regularity takes on a different schedule. Instead of daily regularity, it turns into a weekly schedule. Monday and Tuesday nothing. These are the best days to do your traveling errands. No emergency stops required. Tuesday through Friday, a normal life seems to be on. But Saturday and maybe Sunday, all bets are off. Stay close to home because you will be making up for lost time and effort! 

Best wishes to you all! Neale


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