Action at morning coffee


We have a group of odd people who meet every morning at VJ’s Restaurant for breakfast and coffee……?  Below is a sample of what happens there.

Image By   Lionel C
How does it happen? A couple of years ago, I, being a senior clown or wise guy started messing with the others of the group. I would triple wrap a napkin and silver for one of them or hide the salt under a placemat or hide the chair that a person always used. That got old after a while so I decided to draw on the back of the Italian place map. All that space should not be wasted.

 By NJM Lionel C
Just doodling for something to keep me busy. Lionel C. considers himself as an artist and I guess he is , but I won’t tell him I think so. At any rate he became a critic of my efforts so I shamed him into doing better and he took my sheet and made “improvements” to it. This resulted in I can do better than you back and forth for the hour and a half that our group met.

After that, since my wife and I are early risers, we arrived at VJ’s fifteen minutes or so before the others. I try to have an idea or theme prepared and as soon as I sit down, even before the first sip of coffee, I begin.

By the time they arrive I have the idea well developed And Lionel adds his two cents. The drawing goes back and forth as ideas pop into our heads’

Believe it or not, people start to look forward to what we come up with and they are well received by a few people on face book! “Art is in the eye of the beholder!” Comments welcome!


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