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Being somewhat out spoken politically (some of you may call be a big mouthed dummy but freedom of speech is OK) I have probably offended a few of you. My feelings about the subject is that both parties are lacking in honesty and character and I call them out when I see stupidity and there is plenty of that on both sides. The lack of tolerance for different religions is the biggest problem of this country and the world.

I received a letter today that set me off. This is my response. Un-friend me if you want to but I don’t belittle my friends from any political persuasion save Commies and other dictatorial programs. Parliamentary Royalty can be okay. Just beware of religious fanatics.

The answer to the letter follows!:

“It doesn’t offend me to receive this note. I would need to verify it because religion and politics are known as great twisters of facts. Statistics and facts can be used for both sides of an argument depending on interpretations. So can the Bible and the Koran be twisted and interpreted in many ways. As far as I am concerned there is no good reason for religion in government aside from what is humanly moral and decent. This Nation was established as a place where you could Have FREEDOM of religion Or as I interpret it FREEDOM from religion if that is your choice. Nearly all wars in history have been fought because of hate from religious beliefs and more people including Christ himself have been killed because of religion than for any other reason you can come up with. Prove me wrong and I will change.

To all the religious fanatics out there including democrat Catholics and Jews, the Tea Party evangelists and the right wing holier than thou radicals this country was established with out a religious theme ! Jefferson , Washington and Adams were religious and Christian but they new there should be no STATE religion and I will read about them and take their advice. I will tolerate everyone that doesn’t step on my toes and follow the Christian beliefs that I was raised with. Keep religion out of politics!”




Progress is progressing with the health facility being built across the lot from the P C. It looks like the drive way and parking lot will soon be ready Dirt was hauled out by the truckload the other day and today gravel is being hauled in by the truck load.

NOW, back to the grocery shopping routine. It seems that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are a good time to fill the pantry. On Monday , many people filled the shelves and freezer on Sunday and are not in need as yet.

Tuesday seems to be the day for elderly and middle aged women to shop. It’s easy to tell that they are women because being law abiding people they park their cars and within varying times, five to fifteen minutes remain in the vehicle. They are probably double checking the list in some cases , but most are making and finishing phone calls I think. The other thing I notice is that there seems to be up to a half hour before they re emerge with the merchandise needed for the next few days. At any rate that is what I see Monday Morning. It does take Nancy about a half hour each time she enters this store.

Wednesday is the time for elderly and middle aged men. They come in, get right out of the car , enter the store and seem to have run through the aisles to locate the meager items that they need. They are back out almost immediately and usually no cart is used and they have a bag with small items and quite often they have a box of the wonderful donuts that are available. The ones in work clothes are quickest and the slower retired types are just behind. Probably they are picking up the few items that their older spouse for get to grab the day before. No time is wasted but pedestrians should be alert as they walk across the area. Thursday and Friday mornings are a general mix of every one. The newest patron on Friday and Saturday are usually younger and they take the time to pick the proper beer and snacks for the later party.

Most afternoons are busier. People are in and out , picking up a item for lunch and later Mom stops to pick up supper items, something to cook or quite often, ready prepared stuff from the deli. Who can blame them for that. Besides, a lot of younger people don’t know how to cook anyway.

I don’t know much about the evening shoppers because I am watching the news or the game or NCIS or Ancient Aliens and the shows about chasing Bigfoot and other monsters. Educational television is important, don’t you agree?? This stuff is on the reliable Discovery Channel or the History channel. And don’t forget the UFO stories!!


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Yesterday there was a note asking the question, “Why does everyone shop for groceries on Sunday morning?” Apparently the store was quite crowded. Since I have been assigned to remain in the car when Nancy is shopping, (apparently I drive her nuts if I go in), I have come to understand the vagaries of shopping, who does it, when they do it, and what day they do it. I speak primarily of the morning shopping hours since we go to Price Shopper nearly every day after our Art and Coffee club meeting at VJ”s Restaurant, a meeting place , popular with other fine people who need to start the day with breakfast and fine art and conversation. We solve many world problems here and insult each other often.

Shopping for groceries is often best when you are hungry. The only problem is that you are more likely to buy cookies, ice cream and all the stuff that looks good at the time. This , of course is bad for dieters but good for us parking lot sitters when we help load the car or empty the bags.

The worst time to shop is Sunday morning. People are usually out of donuts or other breakfast goodies so they rush in to pick up the needed junk food. Later, the shoppers tend to be people just out of church so they need to quickly gather the Sunday dinner needs and have to rush home to get the meal started. Not a good time to be there even if these folks are living a life of forgiveness and love, They are Hungry!

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Sunday afternoon is a better time for Sunday shoppers, especially during the NASCAR season. Not only are us speed nuts busy , the NFL people or the baseball people are busy in front of the TV so no one is on the road at that time. Of course the lady of the house is on the way to the fashion shops and all the boutiques at this time. The aisles in the grocery store are likely to be open for travel for the next few hours.

Now if you are really bothered by the people when shopping, I suggest that you should shop any day of the week between the hours of 9 PM and 8 AM . Quick service is quite good then.

Enough for today. I will cover the rest of the week in my next item. Thanks for your attention and remarks in advance. Just trying to be helpful!

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