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Yesterday there was a note asking the question, “Why does everyone shop for groceries on Sunday morning?” Apparently the store was quite crowded. Since I have been assigned to remain in the car when Nancy is shopping, (apparently I drive her nuts if I go in), I have come to understand the vagaries of shopping, who does it, when they do it, and what day they do it. I speak primarily of the morning shopping hours since we go to Price Shopper nearly every day after our Art and Coffee club meeting at VJ”s Restaurant, a meeting place , popular with other fine people who need to start the day with breakfast and fine art and conversation. We solve many world problems here and insult each other often.

Shopping for groceries is often best when you are hungry. The only problem is that you are more likely to buy cookies, ice cream and all the stuff that looks good at the time. This , of course is bad for dieters but good for us parking lot sitters when we help load the car or empty the bags.

The worst time to shop is Sunday morning. People are usually out of donuts or other breakfast goodies so they rush in to pick up the needed junk food. Later, the shoppers tend to be people just out of church so they need to quickly gather the Sunday dinner needs and have to rush home to get the meal started. Not a good time to be there even if these folks are living a life of forgiveness and love, They are Hungry!

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Sunday afternoon is a better time for Sunday shoppers, especially during the NASCAR season. Not only are us speed nuts busy , the NFL people or the baseball people are busy in front of the TV so no one is on the road at that time. Of course the lady of the house is on the way to the fashion shops and all the boutiques at this time. The aisles in the grocery store are likely to be open for travel for the next few hours.

Now if you are really bothered by the people when shopping, I suggest that you should shop any day of the week between the hours of 9 PM and 8 AM . Quick service is quite good then.

Enough for today. I will cover the rest of the week in my next item. Thanks for your attention and remarks in advance. Just trying to be helpful!

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