BYNeale McClintock016new 008

I could be wrong on my date,but I think it was in the middle of the 1500’s. King Henry wanted to have a huge Christmas party to celebrate the Saviors birth. He sent a message throughout the Empire asking all Ambassadors and military leaders to attend. Not daring to refuse they made haste and neared the palace as fast as they could.

They started to arrive the week before the Holy Day (now holiday in case you were wondering). As they arrived, they were welcomed by the staff and given quarters. By noon on the twenty fourth of December , everyone was there except one military leader who had just arrived on shore from the crusades. He hired a horse and sped off. When he arrived at Sherwood Forest a terrible storm hit. The snow fell the wind blew and the highway was covered with larger and large drifts as he moved along.

The horse was about spent from fighting the drifts when an inn came in sight. The military man stopped hoping to get a fresh mount. He went in and found the inn keeper and asked if there were any mounts he could have. The innkeeper had just let the the last horse go. Disappointed, the rider looked around and spotted a huge dog sleeping near the fire place. Excitedly he pointed it out and told the owner that this dog was large enough and he would rent him for the last few miles. The innkeeper said, (pay attention now),”I wouldn’t send a Knight out on a dog like this!”

Finally with pleading he was allowed to saddle the dog and went on his way. At the castle the king was about to make his entrance to the party. Everyne was there except the last military man. He sent his aide to check one last time. As the aide arrived , the military man stumbled in with rusty armor and a huge dog with him. Happily, the aide ran back to the Kings room. As he ran in the door and quickly bowed, he announced, “Hear ye hear ye, the last Knight before Christmas has arrived!” Read that again if you didn’t get it.