I hear that the wealthy are unfairly taxed. Right wing conservatives are always whining that the tax system is unfair to those who have more money than they know what to do with. Boener, the Speaker of the House and McConnell, the leader of the Senate majority fight and legislate against taxes on the rich and do all they can to reduce them. O f course all the Ann Rand influenced profiteers, both individual and corporate, pay them off with contributions for the next election costs. Along with that the conservatives fight against Social Security and Medicare and food stamps and any other program that would help the middle and lower classes of the economic system. Infrastructure, roads, bridges, the military and so on must be cut in budgeting according to them. They will force through military equipment manufacture if it helps out the old boy financier.

They are usually in favor of the military for that reason and because war is profitable for them and it also can be used for protecting oil uses. The other side of this is that they don’t want to support the veteran programs afterwords. Many bills have been turned down by them in the past two years.

Where am I going with this rant?? The easy point is that the above people get far more value from infrastructure than the working man does. Why? THEY NEED TO MOVE THEIR PRODCTS. They should pay more for it.
My main point in all this is this: When it comes to wages and salaries for the common man, all the money goes to living expenses, Food, rent, insurance, transportation to work, and charitable giving. If there is enough, the prudent family will even try to have a savings account and maybe gamble a bit in the stock market.

Granted, the wealthy have the same and more household expenses including servants and nannies for example. They need more money to support their lifestyle. I will give them that but beyond that they have excess money called profit. That money SHOULD have a bit more tax on it so that they can help out in all the sundry government programs that benefit them. Instead they receive subsidy’s and write offs of all sorts and as a result they pay a lower rate of tax on this money than their employees pay on their taxable income.

Reaganomics helps the rich and the idea does not TRICKLE DOWN. The money went side ways to China , etc.



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