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NJM Curmudgeon

It seems that we have Way too many candidates ready to run for the presidency this time. Upwards to twenty have indicated that they will run for the Office on the Republican side. and maybe four on the Democrat side. There is no way that order can be maintained with this number of power hungry men trying to become the next leader of the wealthy class . Even Pataki and Santorum have announced.

There has been a discussion by some pundits on the debates and how they can be run efficiently and coherently with that many greedy power mad individuals fighting over the same bone.

I think I have a plan for them: Send them all to South Florida for the winter season. Contract with the Barnum, Bailey and Ringling brothers for the Big Top. That will be large enough to hold them. Once established send them all to costume for clown suits and find a car large enough for them, their advisers and the make up specialist.

On the day of the first debate load em up and send them in to the tune, “Send in the Clowns.” To make the debate more interesting , Let Hillary moderate and let Sanders, Biden, Webb and Mc murry and oh yes, That senator from Mass Warren. W
who makes good sense be the Judges and timers. The speed of the clowns will determine who sits where and there will be one seat missing. The candidate who has no chair will get one but he will have the first question.

One week later the positions will be changed and the Democrats will wear the clown suits. Let me know what you think




      Image TO DAYS TAXPAYERS, YOU AND ME AND EVERYONE IN THE 98% wealth class have many decisions to make. I DON’T ENVY YOUNG PEOPLE MUCH ANYMORE. Not only do they have to pay the taxes, they also have to plan for the education of their children including college and career. The cost of education has skyrocketed as have insurance rates, health cost, autos and all the things we used to take for nearly granted when I was younger.College costs for me were a few thousand dollars per year. This was impossible for me without the use of the GI Bill of Rights and student loans from the friendly Neighborhood Banker. But with the help of a good wife and other break, I made it through and paid it back. I taught and coached for twenty seven years and am living a frugal and somewhat secure retirement now.

     Now our Governor has proposed an addition to the Department of Corrections that will provide a college education for inmates. He estimates that it will cost $5000 additional per year per inmate, who is willing to do it, to accomplish this. This is in addition to the thousands of dollars that are required to maintain this person during the time of his penalty. If YOU wish to send little Johnny or sister Sarah to school/college nowadays it will run you at least ten thousand dollars and maybe thirty or forty thousand dollars a year. That is much more than it costs the prisoner. He gets free room and board, free TV and gym privileges and free schooling at the States (thats you and me) expense. Pretty good deal for being a miscreant! There will probably be a good state run job placement department for the day that this well trained citizen leaves the fine institution of higher learning.Image

     May I suggest that this s not all bad? During our child rearing years we struggle to teach our valued offspring the difference from right and wrong. We don’t want to see our kids penned up do we. So we punish and correct poor behavior and reward the good stuff.

We slave and save and bank what we can and teach our child the value of frugal living so we can enjoy a few nice things. We encourage good study habits or athletic prowess in hopes of getting the goose with the golden egg to fly over and drop a scholarship of some sort on the Golden Ones head. Problem solved. Now my child can continue the process as he goes out into the world.

     But wait! Isn’t there a better way? Oh yes, the DOC degree! “Son, if you want to get ahead, commit a minor crime, something that will put you in jail for four to seven years. Mind your business, keep your nose clean and study hard. When you end your term you will come out with a nice degree and jobs will be waiting for you. That’s the road to success in New York State. Your mother and I will have a nice nest egg for our retirement years as well. Your other option is to get into politics,”Image