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NJM Curmudgeon

It seems that we have Way too many candidates ready to run for the presidency this time. Upwards to twenty have indicated that they will run for the Office on the Republican side. and maybe four on the Democrat side. There is no way that order can be maintained with this number of power hungry men trying to become the next leader of the wealthy class . Even Pataki and Santorum have announced.

There has been a discussion by some pundits on the debates and how they can be run efficiently and coherently with that many greedy power mad individuals fighting over the same bone.

I think I have a plan for them: Send them all to South Florida for the winter season. Contract with the Barnum, Bailey and Ringling brothers for the Big Top. That will be large enough to hold them. Once established send them all to costume for clown suits and find a car large enough for them, their advisers and the make up specialist.

On the day of the first debate load em up and send them in to the tune, “Send in the Clowns.” To make the debate more interesting , Let Hillary moderate and let Sanders, Biden, Webb and Mc murry and oh yes, That senator from Mass Warren. W
who makes good sense be the Judges and timers. The speed of the clowns will determine who sits where and there will be one seat missing. The candidate who has no chair will get one but he will have the first question.

One week later the positions will be changed and the Democrats will wear the clown suits. Let me know what you think



NO NEW TAXES so they say!!

Image Working men , milkers from the 1920s



That is the mantra of every political statement from a new or old candidate for office, local, state or national. After all these years of adding taxes, they are nearly telling the truth but they sneak in an increase to the old property tax, newer sales tax and the myriad of excise and other taxes. A few years ago New York State stopped increasing taxes , at least made a good attempt. We already paid a half dollar or more per gallon on gasoline and the people and businesses were moving to other less highly taxed states.

After a while the Solons and Pharaohs of Albany decided that instead of taxes we can assess fees. The people will not be intelligent enough to realize that fees and taxes are interchangeable. Now our licenses and registrations and many other use costs are called fees. Boy am I glad that they aren’t taxes. We pay too many taxes already.

Image  Just To keep your attention.


Soon that game got old and they came up with a new idea. Lets give the citizens some fun. They like to play number games and have raffles so maybe we could raise a bit of money for education by selling scratch off raffle type tickets and they did. Nearly half of this money goes to education and the rest goes to the operating cronies and the rest goes to the media and ad men who put the clever messages all over our media. No new taxes there?

Now what can we do to extract a few more dollars from the people? “I know!” said some bright staff worker. “The Native Americans are making money hand over fist since we allowed them to have casinos. Why can’t we do the same?”

And they did. There will be seven new casinos soon. They will be scattered all over the state so that even the poorest citizen can easily get to one and chase his fortune. It doesn’t matter that some rent won’t be paid and evictions will go up. Kids will get less food because mom and dad tried to pay their property taxes by hitting it big in a nearby casino. They will be able to get help from state tax supported programs, take your pick of those.

In summary, the wealthy have all sorts of tax breaks and pay a smaller percentage than their secretary according to Mr. Bunn the billionaire. The politicians realize it is more difficult to get a dollar from the rich through taxation so they decided that the lower income people would be an easier mark. The old time charlatans new they could get a few cents from the common man by promising a chance to win big in their dice and card trick games.

The politician has two jobs, get elected and get reelected. That requires getting money and spending money. Job one is get the money and it is easier to get it from the common man than from the well off. After gambling what is next. Getting blood from a stone?


IF AND WHEN NATURE CALLS A SENIOR CITIZEN The new definition of regularity By Neale McClintock

Senior citizens know a lot of stuff. Most of them have continued to keep learning as the years go by, at least if they are smart they do. I have been on this earth almost 80% of a century and my main learning lately, is how to use technology. I am fairly competent on the computer and can do many things including photo editing and using Micro Soft Word processing. Hey I am doing it right now! I use   this to write a couple of books that are on Amazon as eBooks and paperback. Type in my name on if interested.

One of the main pastimesImage

for me is I watch television. Too much! I have learned much but I have found out that senior citizens need many new items to enable them to live a more fulfilling life. Item one is vitamins. Next they want us to ask our doctor about all of the new Pharmacological drugs

that may


make you sicker or kill you if they don’t help you. Third, and maybe this is a good thing, See Alice or try Viagra for a “male problem” which I won’t describe. I tried Viagra and it lodged in my throat and I ended up with a four hour stiff sore neck. 

TV has also taught us that there are adult, shall I say diapers? I guess it is OK to talk about them in this blog. I didn’t know why anyone needed them until recently and I still don’t wear them but maybe I should. I now know where every public bathroom is in a twenty mile radius and how long it takes to get there.  The other reason I should use them soon is, in seniors, regularity takes on a different schedule. Instead of daily regularity, it turns into a weekly schedule. Monday and Tuesday nothing. These are the best days to do your traveling errands. No emergency stops required. Tuesday through Friday, a normal life seems to be on. But Saturday and maybe Sunday, all bets are off. Stay close to home because you will be making up for lost time and effort! 

Best wishes to you all! Neale